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Designer Phrases

Life is not measured

Life is not measured

Decorating with phrases is a fun way to express yourself. Decorate with a welcoming phrase in your entryway, above the crib in the nursery or around the photos on your family room wall. Our phrases are an inexpensive way to display a message or add a splash of fun to your walls. If you do not see the phrase you are looking for,you can create your own phrase with our custom lettering calculator to decorate your walls with your own personal message.

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stencil ww346 , GROCERY


$6.00 & up

stencil ww348 , FARMSTEAD


$15.00 & up

stencil ww349 , Gather


$12.00 & up

stencil ww350 , Grateful


$10.00 & up

stencil ww333 , Love Verse

Love Verse

$18.00 & up

stencil ww335 , Home Is Where

Home Is Where

$16.00 & up

stencil ww323 , Farmhouse


$10.00 & up

stencil ww329 , FARM


$12.00 & up

stencil ww331 , Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

$12.00 & up

stencil ww345 , Home Bold

Home Bold

$10.00 & up

stencil ww351 , thankful


$10.00 & up

stencil ww352 , faith


$10.00 & up

stencil ww36 , Adore Him

Adore Him

$14.00 & up

stencil ww205 , I Praise You

I Praise You

$32.00 & up

stencil ww260 , Be Your Own

Be Your Own

$15.00 & up

stencil ww201 , OUR FAMILY


$39.00 & up

stencil ww200 , In Our Home

In Our Home

$12.00 & up

stencil ww280 , Taste And See

Taste And See

$28.00 & up

stencil ww23 , Home Is Where

Home Is Where

$15.00 & up