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Phrase Ideas about Families

[ Price] Home is where you learn to laugh, to share, to love, to live....to forgive. -T. Fronius
[ Price] Welcome
[ Price] Chasing kite tails, painting her nails... that's what little girls are made of.
[ Price] La Dolce Vita
[ Price] A family is a gift that will last forever
[ Price] Vivez Bien Aimez Beaucoup Riez Souvent
[ Price] Home is where they love you...
[ Price] Having someone to love is family... Having somewhere to go is home... Having both is a blessing.
[ Price] May This Home Be Filled With Love And Laughter
[ Price] Buon Cibo Buon Vino Buoni Amici
[ Price] Celebrate Family-Friends-Traditions
[ Price] Bienvenue a Notre Maison
[ Price] Mothers write on the hearts of their children things the world will never erase
[ Price] The most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our home.
[ Price] The Olde Homestead
[ Price] "Remember that children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get".   -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
[ Price] If you met my family, you would understand.