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Custom Lettering Design Form

The following graphic shows your selected idea with preset options
You may change any of the options as follows
Font - select your favorite from the drop down selection box
line spacing - add line breaks or returns by clicking in the box with the text and typing them where needed
Sizing - You may change the character height (or the phrase width if desired) near the bottom of this page

view of selected font and text
The lettering cost is $12      

Change the Font

Lettering Color

Change the Text

(For multiple lines, press enter or return)

Alignment Options  

Highlight Specific Word(s) ?

Letter Height:   Inches

Line Length:  15.7: Inches Change Length
Letter Height: 0.8 Inches Change Height

Line Length:   Inches

Which one should I choose?
You can only choose either letter height or phrase length, not both. Whichever you chose, the other will be calulated.

Phrase Details

Phrase Length   15.7"
Phrase Height   1.9"
B, O, L - letter height   0.5"
e, s, u - letter height   0.4"
f - letter height   1"
b - letter height   0.8"
Preferred Dimension = height

The letter height has been increased to the minimum possible based on the selected font

detail graphic